SAN FRANCISCO - Seven companies and organizations, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Shell, Suncor, UPS, the U.S. Department of Defense, and Walmart have joined an initiative, put together by consulting and research company BSR, which would collect data that would help companies make better choices about their fleets’ fuels. The initiative is designed to give companies more information about the sustainability impact of the fuels their fleets use.

“Our energy system is fundamentally changing, and we must find alternatives to fossil fuels,” said Eric Olson, BSR’s Senior Vice President. “At the same time, we need to make better decisions about our current fuel mix. Until now, companies have not had an authoritative resource to consider the full range of sustainability trade-offs associated with their energy decisions.”

According to BSR, the initiative is designed to help companies answer the following questions:

How can companies establish an effective, consistent approach to fuel purchasing and use, as questions continue to be raised about new energy sources and technologies?

What information is available to help them navigate the shifting landscape and promote the most sustainable long-term outcomes?

BSR stated will publish original research and hold discussions in order to frame the current issues at hand, outline fuel choice options, and highlight opportunities for collaboration with different partners, such as energy and fuel producers and transportation and logistics services.