OVERLAND PARK, KS – Sprint and Agnik will work together to provide companies with advanced tools that analyze vehicle and driver performance data in order to make transportation safer and cleaner.

Agnik’s suite of software products provide powerful yet easy-to-use Web-based tools that transform data about vehicle activity and health into valuable insights, highly coveted by fleet owners and companies in the insurance and auto repair industries.

Agnik offers the insurance industry a full solution that captures vehicle and driver behavior with a small device that simply plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic data port. It analyzes the data onboard the vehicle, and sends the resulting data analytics over the Sprint wireless network to a remote server that can be accessed by actuarial managers and policy holders with easy-to-use Web-based tools. Agnik MineDrive performs statistical data mining, clustering, segmentation, trend analysis and predictive modeling capabilities. Insurance companies may use this information to provide teen driver plans and safe driver rate plans with greater risk awareness than ever before. 

For the auto repair industry, Agnik offers MineCar, a product that combines the real-time telematics vehicle performance analytics with non-telematic data such as historical data about the car, lifestyle information about the car owner's interests, repair details and current market data about the car. Auto service companies can alert drivers in the early stages of a repair or when their care is scheduled for maintenance, in addition to other valuable business intelligence critical for effective customer relationship management.

And for better monitoring and management of fleet vehicles, Agnik offers MineFleet advanced predictive vehicle data mining for dramatically reducing the operating costs. It includes computer modeling software for benchmarking and monitoring vehicle health, emissions, driver behavior, fuel-consumption and fleet characteristics.

Agnik also offers Vyncs for monitoring family vehicles. It is designed for a household with multiple cars (or a business with a small fleet) and offers an easy-to-use Web-based portal that enables the policyholder to track the location of the car for greater parental control. It also reports the mechanical condition of the car, generates maintenance alerts, provides estimates for repairs, offers personalized fuel savings tips and gives suggestions for improving driving styles.

“Sprint is excited to be working with Agnik, and this collaboration announcement underscores our commitment to making transportation safer and more efficient,” said Wayne Ward, vice president-Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint. “We have a dedicated team that fast tracks M2M solutions to market. So far, Sprint has certified hundreds of M2M solutions and has millions of devices running on its network today. Wireless monitoring is an example of how connected devices are changing every aspect of our lives.”