NexTraq, the value leader of GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, and Google Maps API for Business, announced the release of a video case study conducted by Google Enterprise on the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform.

The video case study takes an in-depth look into the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform technology and how NexTraq is using Google Maps API for Business technology. Google Enterprise recognized the NexTraq platform as the telematics industry’s most advanced and flexible solution, offering an open API, making it the platform of choice for fleet management. With NexTraq Fleet Tracking, businesses can save dispatchers’ and drivers’ time while increasing overall fleet productivity.

“Google Enterprise is the foremost leader for business productivity solutions and we are honored to be featured in its video case study,” said Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq. “We consistently provide innovative solutions to not only meet, but also exceed the needs of our customers. By integrating Google Maps with our fleet tracking platform, we are able to provide our customers with exceptional route optimization.”

Google Maps API for Business provides traffic updates, delivers real-time locations and optimized routing and driving directions for businesses to provide solutions to their customers. With its seamless integration and large scale deployment, Google Maps for Business provides the ideal solution for the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform.

“Our customers value Google Maps for Business because it brings Google Maps features directly to the business setting,” adds Scarbrough. “With Google Maps as a business productivity provider, we can focus our energy on other ways of enhancing our platform to better serve current and future customers.”

Visit the Official Google Enterprise blog to find out more and watch Google's YouTube video showcasing NexTraq. For more information on the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform, its applications – Fleet Mobile, Fleet Metrics and Fleet Dispatch - please visit or call us at 800.358.6178.