EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – GE Capital Fleet Services announced the launch of IntelliGauge, a mobile fuel and CO2 calculator application that allows users to compare components of their current vehicles against future vehicles. IntelliGauge is designed to help companies and consumers alike make smart decisions on their vehicle purchases. IntelliGauge is free to use and is optimized for use on iPads, smartphones and desktops. It is available at www.geintelligauge.com.
Using IntelliGauge, decision makers can quickly and intuitively calculate annual fuel savings, CO2 emissions and the fuel efficiency to assist in budget planning, vehicle selection and other decisions that take these factors into account. The application asks users to provide information regarding the makeup of their vehicles, annual mileage estimates, and allows users to edit fuel prices delivering a customized report that can be saved, shared, or compared against other scenarios.
“Fuel price volatility continues to have a big impact on the decisions companies make, including vehicle replacement strategies,” said Brad Hoffelt, senior vice president and general manager of products and services at GE Capital Fleet Services. “We’re focused on identifying ways to couple technology solutions with our deep domain expertise to help our customers preserve capital and optimize fleet efficiency.”
The application also includes links to a number of other GE Capital Fleet Services mobile and educational resources, including GE’s ecomagination site, an alternative fuel locator application, a U.S. fuel price map, and information regarding GE’s WattStation technology.