NASHVILLE, TN - Fleet One, LLC, a provider of fuel cards and fleet-related payment solutions, announced its partnership with GPS provider NexTraq, a collaboration that means dramatically reduced administrative time-drains for fleet managers.

NexTraq, the value leader of GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, allows full fuel card integration capabilities. By integrating Fleet One card purchases with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform, customers gain a comprehensive view of fleet operations, offering a more holistic understanding of fleet fuel costs and inefficiencies.

The new fuel card integration is a free service for Fleet One customers, and activation was designed to be simple and quick.

"The retrieval of purchase data can be time consuming, and this, combined with feedback from customers, led us to put a great deal of research and effort into this program," explained Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq. "With Fleet One fuel card integration, our customers have access to new fuel-based reports, simplifying the retrieval process and ultimately, saving time and money."

Fuel Purchase Reports

Fleet managers can view their Fleet One Purchase History Report, which provides a full summary of all fuel and fuel related purchases, streamlining the retrieval of transaction information. Customers can tailor reports by company, fleet or vehicle; identifying total costs without sifting through a variety of card statements. With complete visibility, fleet managers can closely manage how fuel cards are being used, eliminating employee abuse.

Tom Wagner, VP of Strategic Markets for Fleet One, said, "Fleet One is excited about this integration as it provides a great comprehensive tool that adds real value for our mutual customers. Managers will also benefit from dramatically increased understanding of their vehicles' fuel efficiency, when their GPS unit calculates actual number of miles driven and divides that by number of gallons drivers purchase with their Fleet One card."

Fuel Tax Reporting

Many companies have to submit quarterly fuel tax reports to the International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA.) Typically a monotonous process, the new fuel card/GPS integration offers a specific IFTA Fuel Tax Report, which saves customers time when preparing the report by showing the big picture of a fleet's fuel card spending.

Fuel Merchant Mapping

Dispatchers can easily identify Fleet One merchants with point-of-interest mapping as well as navigate drivers to the closest merchants through the Garmin in-vehicle navigation device.

"In combination with NexTraq's fuel reporting, our new integration with Fleet One fuel cards gives customers the ability to effectively manage what was once an obstacle," said Scarbrough of NexTraq. "By automating a tedious, manual process, fleet managers can save time and money as they pinpoint areas of interest to save in fuel costs through their fleet operations."