SPARKS, MD – With PHH Arval’s recently launched PHH InterActive Mobile application, fleet managers can get their job done from anywhere – at any time.

PHH Arval is keenly aware that how business is conducted is rapidly changing. In fact, according to a survey by International Data Corporation, the Americas region (the United States, Canada and Latin America) will see the number of mobile workers grow from 182.5 million in 2010 to 212.1 million in 2015. Additionally, the survey shows North America (the United States and Canada) had 75 percent of the total workforce being mobile in 2010.

As the number of mobile workers increases, fleet managers will need new tools to manage daily activities, which is why PHH Arval launched a new mobile application. The mobile fleet management tool is designed to give fleet managers access to PHH InterActive Mobile on Android, Apple and certain BlackBerry phones and tablet devices.

“PHH InterActive Mobile represents a significant milestone in our commitment to deliver the best customer experience – even outside the office,” said Dave Zuidema, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience. “We are continually investing in technology in many areas of our business, and we are excited to roll out another advancement that further enhances that experience.”

PHH InterActive Mobile features: a customizable feed of fleet information, instant search capability, vehicle and driver details, and vehicle transaction history. For example, it offers the ability to:

  • Search on tag numbers, vehicle identification number or driver name;
  • Review a customizable activity feed, which can show items such as accidents or maintenance; and
  • Contact a driver from the profile screen.

“While today’s features work for today’s needs, our plan is to continue to expand functionality using a roadmap of updates and additional features for coming months and years,” said Zuidema.

Safety First

PHH Arval is an advocate of safe, legal and responsible mobile phone use.  As such, PHH InterActive Mobile should not be used while driving a vehicle.   For more information on our distracted driving products, please visit our website at