HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL – Sears Auto Center, the leading provider of automotive maintenance and repair services and parts, and LeasePlan USA, the premium service provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions, are introducing an industry first in fleet servicing.

The companies have teamed up to implement a time saving electronic work-order authorization program through LeasePlan’s eRepair system in approximately 840 Sears Auto Centers nationwide. The new system, called E-Auth, will improve speed of service for fleet drivers by electronically streamlining the process and significantly reducing the amount of time required to obtain service authorizations.

“The application removes the need for the Sears staff to call our maintenance and repair management department. This allows Sears, and LeasePlan, to run a more efficient operation while also devoting even greater attention to clients and drivers,” said Tony Blezien, vice president, operations for LeasePlan USA.

E-Auth is a fully integrated authorization solution that allows service providers and fleet management companies to communicate all details of service orders electronically including work-order submission, call center review and response, and the ultimate decision. With the implementation of this new system, fleet customers feel the benefits immediately with improved service times.  Additionally, both Sears Auto Center and LeasePlan expect significant productivity gains.  This service is open to all U.S. service providers and fleet management companies; new adopters need only to establish an IT project to integrate their system. There are no external fees, such as subscription or per-transaction charges.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve on the service we provide our fleet customers and to increase the efficiency of our automotive fleet service business,” said Joe Finney, SVP and president of Sears Automotive. “Providing this industry first in North America ties in with the company’s overall business strategy; offering competitive pricing,  superior products and excellent store service,” Finney said.

For more information about Sears Fleet services or to set up an account please visit: http://www.searscommercial.com/fleet.