ATLANTA – Cellcontrol, a provider of technology to stop distracted driving, announced that its award-winning solution is now fully compatible with most major telematics devices that also utilize the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. The OBD port is the standard vehicle interface for telematics solutions and using this port for such purposes presents a potential obstacle for any other OBD-based solution. Telematics, location based services (“LBS”) and distracted driving solutions are now must-have technologies for commercial fleets, so broad solution compatibility and co-operability is critical for success.

In conjunction with the annual Fleet and Asset Management USA 2011 conference, Cellcontrol now offers a unique solution configuration to eliminate any interference with telematics devices, thus allowing multiple solutions to share the OBD port without any impact on the performance of either system. As such, fleet managers can now track and manage fleet assets via telematics while being confident that drivers are never texting while driving, emailing while driving, surfing while driving, or even using phones inappropriately while driving.

“Fleets rely on OBD-based telematics solutions for asset management and they also provide their drivers with mobile phones or laptops for mission critical communications. Phones and laptops create dangerous distraction, thus requiring a distracted driving solution that can co-exist,” said Scott Springer, CEO of Cellcontrol. “With this advance in our safety technology, fleet managers don’t have to choose between robust telematics and effective prevention of distracted driving. Our fleet customers asked for a solution to improve safety and reduce costs for all commercial driving activity, we listened, and then delivered.”