ATLANTA – NexTraq (formerly Discrete Wireless, Inc.), the value leader of GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, announces fleet tracking capabilities for the oil and gas industry. 

Through its Web Services offering, an open platform that enables integration of fleet data with third party applications, oil and gas customers can align their geographic information system (GIS) mapping technology with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform. As a result, fleet managers can protect and leverage assets remotely with real-time data and reporting.

“With NexTraq’s Web Services offering, we provide oil and gas customers the fleet management platform of their choice,” states Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq. “Integrating GIS mapping with GPS fleet tracking enables our customers to track their trucks and assets from hundreds of miles away, increasing driver safety and optimizing fleet operations.”

With the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform, oil and gas fleet managers can upload and view points of interest in relation to trucks, including up-front investments such as pump jacks, well heads, depots and tank yards. The NexTraq Web Services offering takes the technology to the next level by giving managers the ability to interoperate the fleet tracking technology with GIS maps and overlay GIS data. 

Map layering technology gives managers the ability to set up accurate geofences and zones to report on time arrivals and mileage in and out of a zone. By creating these zones, customers can be instantly notified when an operating procedure is breached. In fact, one NexTraq customer that integrated its GIS mapping with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform saw a 25 percent increase in driver productivity. In addition, the integration leverages real-time tracking data to automate time-consuming manual processes.

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