HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL – Sears In Home Services Division, a division of Sears Holding Corp, is rolling out a fuel-saving solution across its fleet of 4,500 vehicles. Sears partnered with SCT Fleet Solutions in a six-week pilot program. According to SCT, Sears saw a 10.5-percent improvement in its E-Series vans' fuel economy during that trial period.

SCT’s technology sets a maximum top speed (defined by the fleet manager) for a given vehicle, adjust the engine’s RPM when idling and cruising, and modifies the vehicle’s shift patterns to reduce fuel consumption.

More than 2,500 vehicles in Sears’ fleet have been equipped with SCT’s technology, and the remaining 2,000 vehicles are slated to be equipped during the next few months.

Sears has a total fleet size of 11,000-plus owned and leased vehicles, which includes Ford, GM, and Chrysler models. Approximately 750 of these vehicles are E-85-fueled GM vans.

Other initiatives that Sears has implemented include a no-idling policy for all vehicles handling business operations at Sears Holdings Logistics Services (SLS) distribution facilities. The company also participates in the EPA SmartWay program, and the L.A. Clean Truck Program, which requires containers picked up at the Long Beach or L.A. ports to be carried by trucks that meet 2007 emissions standards.