DETROIT -– OnStar introduced a navigation enhancement to its RemoteLink mobile app that allows subscribers to search on a smartphone for a destination and then send it directly to their vehicle where the route can be accessed audibly through OnStar Turn-by-Turn or via an in-dash navigation system.

The new feature is available for all current OnStar RemoteLink-enabled vehicles. Users can type in a destination, select an address from their contact list or speak the destination using a voice search feature. The enhancement will also allow users to store the last five destinations sent to their vehicle.

Once a destination has been selected, the user can send the route directly to his or her vehicle. The route will be available and activated once the vehicle is started.

"Our customer focus is simple connectivity and a seamless user experience," said Steve Schwinke, OnStar director of advanced system design. "RemoteLink’s navigation enhancement offers our customers another choice in how they get directions, whether they’re in their car, on their computer, or using their compatible smartphone."

The RemoteLink navigation enhancement became available in the Android and iPhone marketplace on Aug. 30. Current users of the app will receive an update notification on their smartphone. New users who download the application will receive the updated version.

"We know that 95 percent of smartphone users have looked for local information using their phone and 88 percent of them act on the information they find," said Schwinke. “Whether they need to call or visit a local business, RemoteLink navigation offers a simple and easy solution."