PHOENIX – Telecommunications company CenturyLink has rebranded its fleet of 1,600 vehicles in the Phoenix area with the CenturyLink logo. This rebranding effort comes after the merger with Qwest communications. The CenturyLink and Qwest merger was completed in April, 2011.

According to company spokesperson Alex Juarez, the rebranding effort is part of the overall rebranding of 9,000 Qwest units in 14 state areas. The 9,000 vehicles range from sedans to construction trucks. The 1,600 vehicles in the Phoenix area don’t represent any addition to the fleet.

The rebranding started on June 1 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2011. The company’s spokesperson said they have completed rebranding 6,000 vehicles out of the 9,000 in the fleet.

CenturyLink’s U.S. fleet consists of 16,500 vehicles and an additional 3,000 construction work tools and trailers. In the total U.S. fleet there are 6,500 vans, 4,650 pickup trucks, 2,000 1-ton utility bodies, 2,500 aerial units, 500 sedans, and 385 class 7 and 8 construction trucks, according to the data provided by Juarez.

By Greg Basich