CINCINATTI, OH – Cintas Corp. has selected a new telematics provider to supply GPS monitoring technology and related software for the fleet of vehicles in its Uniform Rental Division.

Cintas is deploying inthinc’s tiwiPro system and intends to use the system to monitor fuel usage, view GPS-based trip details, and be able to provide audible, in-cab verbal alerts for speeding and aggressive driving behavior.

"Our company is based on timely deliveries and quality customer service," said Dan Braun, Senior Vice President of Value Improvement Initiatives - Operations at Cintas. "After careful scrutiny and a successful trial, we look forward to seeing firsthand how inthinc's technology will not only further ensure the safety of our employee-partners on the road, but reduce costs and increase our overall operational efficiency," he added.

Cintas will also be using inthinc’s Web-based Portal service, which can provide real-time information about where each vehicle is located, where drivers stopped, the duration of a stop, and how long it takes each driver to travel from one location to another throughout the entire route. The portal will also show any safety alerts during the route such as speeding, hard braking, or other risky driving behavior.