INDIANAPOLIS, IN— CarCheckup, a leading web-based performance monitoring solution for cars and trucks, announces the release of its new Fleet Management System. It uses on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) technology to monitor and analyze information that enables fleet managers to reduce fuel costs, proactively maintain vehicles and increase productivity.

Authorized personnel can export telemetry information stored in the vehicle’s computer system by recording the data with the CarCheckup device and syncing it to a computer—creating customized and reoccurring executive reports of everything from idle time to highest speeds and all metrics in between. This allows fleet managers to set company driving goals and improve driving habits including reducing idle time and aggressive driving.

“CarCheckup empowers fleet managers by giving them information to optimize their fleet and improve the bottom line,” said Jennifer Funkhouser, CarCheckup CEO and co-founder. “Many fleet systems relying on GPS are expensive and provide inaccurate data. CarCheckup uses data directly from a vehicle’s engine control unit— providing unparalleled data analysis and reports for fleet managers to increase profits.”

CarCheckup increases productivity by recording every time a driver starts and ends a trip—thereby allowing authorized personal to review dates and times for deliveries or review employee time spent at the jobsite. Furthermore, CarCheckup assists with vehicle maintenance by centralizing the reporting of present or pending ‘check engine’ light trouble codes.

According to the latest findings from the Aberdeen Group, the use of a fleet management system can result in a 12.2 percent increase in service profitability, 12 percent improvement in vehicle utilization, 14.8 percent decrease in travel time and a 27.9 percent increase in operator compliance.

Using patented technology, CarCheckup has no buttons, dials or switches and connects easily to a vehicle’s diagnostic port to gather data as someone is driving. Then the CarCheckup device can be plugged into a computer to easily upload the data using the built-in USB drive. The secure website analyzes the data and stores it for easy access.

Each CarCheckup account has a main manager who can authorize others to have administrative rights. Administrators can centralize reporting or divide the CarCheckup account according to branch, state or country — however they see fit. Fleet summaries and detailed driver reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.

The CarCheckup Fleet Management System uses a monthly subscription model that costs $14.99 per user. For more information, visit  or call1-877-765-4ccu (4228) to schedule a demonstration.