REDWOOD CITY, CA - Pricelock, an online provider of fuel price protection and budget predictability for businesses in the U.S., announced May 19 that Naveen Agarwal had been appointed chief executive officer and a member of the Board of Directors. Agarwal has been the company's chief operating officer since 2009. Founder and former CEO Robert Fell has been named co-chairman along with Michael Bonsignore.

Agarwal will be leading the expansion of Pricelock's platform, which empowers small and medium-sized business to take control of their fuel costs in ways previously available only to America's largest companies, according to the company. Additionally, he is spearheading the development of new opportunities in the energy space, where Pricelock's technology can be leveraged to create value for businesses and consumers.

"Naveen's extensive background in growing and managing multi-billion-dollar businesses in the online financial solutions space, combined with his expertise in risk management, has been invaluable to our company," said Robert Fell, founder. "One of Naveen's many talents is his ability to attract and retain superior employees, whose focus and creativity have driven Pricelock's success."

Prior to joining Pricelock, Agarwal was the president of E*TRADE Capital Management, where he was responsible for managing and growing E*TRADE's highest revenue customer segment.  He holds an MBA degree from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, and a B.Tech in Computer Science from IT-BHU, Varanasi, India.