TREVOSE, PA – The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) announced an enhancement to DriverCare Risk Manager that helps fleets better control the risks of accidents and liability posed by members of fleet drivers’ households permitted to drive fleet vehicles.

DriverCare Risk Manager creates more visibility to the secondary driver population by enabling  fleet managers to:

  • Create data files for spouses and licensed adult children of authorized fleet drivers.
  • Link secondary driver files to primary fleet driver files for easy access with a few mouse clicks.
  • Assign secondary drivers a separate risk rating based on their own Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs).
  • Use a more stringent risk scale for secondary drivers. 
  • Launch customized communications to primary drivers from within the application.

Fleet managers are also able to switch their landing page perspective from primary to secondary driver aggregate data, displaying:

  • A pie chart showing the percentage and number of drivers in each risk level category.
  • A summary of changes in risk levels and the critical events among all drivers over the past week.
  • A compliance dashboard.

“Not every fleet allows secondary drivers to use their vehicles, but for those that do this is a major improvement in assessing and controlling the risks they pose to the fleet,” said Brian Kinniry, CEI manager of risk and safety operations.  “The feedback we have had from our customers is that this service has been extremely helpful in handling these drivers. Fleet administrators are relieved that now primary drivers are notified in a timely manner when a household driver is declared ineligible to drive the fleet vehicle.”