DETROIT - The bad news is that residents of Los Angeles County spend an estimated four days a year stuck in traffic. The good news is drivers are helping each other when they are in need. According to OnStar, the "City of Angels" ranked No. 1 in Good Samaritan calls last year, proving that L.A. drivers are living up to the city's nickname.

Using anonymous subscriber interaction data, OnStar found that of the 10 largest U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, Los Angeles had the most Good Samaritan calls in 2010. A Good Samaritan call occurs when an OnStar subscriber uses his or her 365/24/7 live advisor access to report another motorist's problem on the road, whether it's a vehicle collision, flat tire or any other situation requiring immediate assistance.

Drivers in metro Los Angeles tallied 2,449 Good Samaritan calls, nearly 900 more calls than the next major metropolitan city, Chicago. The 2010 rankings for America's top 10 cities are:

1.    Los Angeles: 2,449
2.    Chicago: 1,540
3.    Houston: 1,299
4.    Dallas: 1,113
5.    New York: 957
6.    Atlanta: 942
7.    Philadelphia: 830
8.    Boston: 638
9.    Miami: 217
10.  Washington, D.C.: 115

"Los Angeles residents deserve a huge pat on the back for their part in reporting actionable situations to our advisors, and ultimately helping to ensure many drivers' safety," said Terry Inch, director of subscriber services. "We're all familiar with the adage of helping one's neighbor, but L.A. has really taken that phrase to mean 'helping your fellow motorist.' "

OnStar subscribers are always a button push away from emergency assistance, and Good Samaritan calls allow them to use OnStar services to help others.

Since its 1996 launch, OnStar has been an in-vehicle lifeline for those in need. Using an embedded cellular system, GPS and a direct link to emergency medical and law enforcement agencies, live advisors can get the appropriate help needed to the scene, even if the vehicle involved doesn't have OnStar.

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