This week's advice, taken from the California Driver Handbook, concerns how to share the road safely with bicyclists. You may want to pass this list along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder. 

  • Pass a bicyclist as you would a slow-moving vehicle. Allow sufficient clearance and ample room for movement and unexpected road conditions. Change lanes and pass with caution only when it is safe. 
  • Always look carefully for bicyclists before opening doors next to moving traffic or before turning. 
  • Allow bicyclists enough room to avoid colliding with vehicle doors that are opened into traffic. 
  • Merge toward the curb or into the bike lane only when it is safe. 
  • Do not try to pass a bicyclist just before making a turn. Merge safely where it is allowed, then turn. 
  • Do not drive in a bike lane unless initiating a turn at an intersection or driveway, and not more than 200 feet in advance. 
  • Make a visual check for bicyclists when changing lanes or entering traffic. Bicycles are small and may be hidden in a vehicle's blind spot. 
  • Be careful when approaching or passing a bicyclist on a two-lane highway or freeway.