SAN DIEGO, CA – Networkfleet announced the availability of Posted Speed Reporting that notifies fleet managers when a vehicle is moving faster than legal posted speed limits. Posted Speed Reporting allows fleet managers to view online speed violation reports or receive text or email alerts when speed limits are exceeded.

Networkfleet’s online fleet management system wirelessly monitors precise information for each vehicle, including exact speed, GPS location and engine diagnostics. The new Posted Speed Reporting provides fleet managers with a way to reduce fuel usage and the associated costs, while increasing driver safety and accountability. According to the US Department of Energy, aggressive driving, including speeding, can lower highway gas mileage 33 percent and city mileage by five percent. In addition, gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 miles per hour.

"Our fleet customers are looking for ways to maximize the benefits of wireless fleet management technology and its impact on reducing costs. Posted Speed Reporting not only reduces fuel consumption, but also acts as an internal speeding ticket to ensure driver safety and prevent accidents,” said Keith Schneider, president and CEO of Networkfleet. ” In the year ahead, we will continue to add new driver management features that will help fleet managers improve the efficiency, safety and productivity of their drivers as well as their overall operations.”