WASHINGTON - Mazda is recalling 52,000 model-year 2009-2010 Mazda6 vehicles in the U.S. because a certain type of spider -- the yellow sac spider -- may weave a web in the evaporative canister vent line, potentially causing a restriction in the line.

It's not exactly clear why this kind of spider seems to be attracted to Mazda6 evaporative canister vent lines in particular. But when the spiders build their nests there and the line becomes restricted, the fuel tank pressure may become excessively negative as the emission control system works to purge the vapours from the canister. As the canister is purged repeatedly during normal operation, the stress on the fuel tank may eventually result in a crack, potentially leading to fuel leakage and an increased risk of fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Dealers will inspect and clean up the canister vent line and install a spring to prevent this type of spider from entering the vent line. There will be no charge for this service.

Vehicle owners can reach Mazda at (800) 222-5500.