BROOKLYN, NY - A new solar-powered electric vehicle charging station has been installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park to fuel the park's fleet vehicles.

The park, which covers 85 acres, is known for its iconic views of the New York Harbor and Manhattan skyline. 

Brooklyn-based energy firm Beautiful Earth Group designed and built the solar-powered EV charging station. The station was donated. 

"On behalf of Brooklyn Bridge Park, I thank Beautiful Earth for the gift of this pioneering solar-powered charging station for the park's fleet of electric vehicles," said Regina Myer, president of Brooklyn Bridge Park. "Brooklyn Bridge Park is New York's premiere sustainably built and operated public park and the charging station furthers our mission to honor the environment and conserve resources."

Using solar power to operate the park's EVs will yield significant cost savings for Brooklyn Bridge Park -- more than $200,000 in gasoline costs, and tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs, over the 25-year lifetime of the project. More than 530 tons of CO2 would have been emitted during this period had the park chosen to use traditional service vehicles.