PHOENIX, AZ - The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) responded to oil patch legislation that would bar funding for the EPA to implement its decision to allow up to 15-percent ethanol blends (E15) for use in cars, pickups, and SUVs built in model year 2001 and newer as well as prohibiting USDA and EPA funds from partnering with private companies to install blender pumps that dispense mid-to-high ethanol blends.

Responding to the vote on the House Continuing Resolution (CR) on amendments from Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), the Renewable Fuels Association released the following statement:

"Last night, political science trumped physical science. The fact remains ethanol is a thoroughly tested, safe, and effective motor fuel. Americans spend nearly $1 billion a day importing oil, often from hostile regions of the world. If the chaos in the Middle East teaches us anything, it should be that America must forcefully begin down the path of energy self-reliance. Increasing the use of domestic renewable fuels like ethanol is the first, and arguably, the easiest step we can take."

"The House has denied consumers choice in the type of fuel they use. Instead, they have chosen to continue giving oil companies a virtual monopoly over the fueling system. Our dependence on imported oil is neither safe nor sustainable. As the world's largest oil companies tell us they can't find new sources of oil, this House measure would seek to relegate future generations to a preventable future of oil dependence."

The RFA Senate is currently working on their own version of a CR, though they are not expected to use the House version as their starting point, according to the RFA. The President, earlier this week, indicated that he would veto the House version of the CR, should it reach his desk.

Ethanol companies recently formed the Advanced Ethanol Council as part of the RFA.