WASHINGTON - American Suzuki Motor Corp. is recalling 32,291 model-year 2009-2011 Grand Vitara SUVs and model-year 2010-2011 SX4 crossover vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said. 

The tension adjuster pulley for the drive belt that operates the alternator, water pump, air conditioner compressor and power steering pump has a faulty internal spring. This spring can break after repeated stress. If the spring breaks, the drive belt will not be adjusted properly and can slip or come off. This could result in a squeaking noise or even steering difficulty. This might also cause the coolant temperature indication to rise, which can lead to engine overheating, or cause the charging light to come on, which can lead to battery discharge and engine stall. These conditions pose safety risks, NHTSA said. 

Dealers will replace the tension adjuster pulley with an improved part. There will be no charge for this service. The safety recall is expected to get under way around Feb. 16. 

Suzuki can be reached at (887) 697-8985.