DETROIT - OnStar has partnered with Nuance Communication Inc. to offer the company’s natural language voice-recognition technology as standard in OnStar-equipped 2011 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac models.

This technology is designed to make it easier for subscribers to find the services and features they need by using more natural language. For example, a user could say “I need to make a phone call” rather than use a series of commands. This technology will also allow subscribers to get weather and traffic information from OnStar Virtual Advisors by using natural language.

Beyond adding recognition of natural language as a feature, OnStar and Nuance also made improvements to the technology so it can better understand regional accents. The company said it achieved this via validation tests across English, French, Spanish and Mandarin languages and dialects using various vehicle models in different driving and noise conditions. 

OnStar said it is also collaborating with Nuance to develop uNav, a new self-service feature that allows subscribers to receive directions to a destination using an automated voice system after pressing the blue OnStar button.