PALO ALTO, CA - SAP, a leading provider of business software, has begun installation of 16 Coulomb ChargePoint networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Palo Alto headquarters of SAP Labs U.S. The largest installation of workplace-networked stations in the U.S., the 240 VAC Level II ChargePoint stations will be used by SAP fleet EVs and employees.

SAP showcased several installed ChargePoint stations along with new EVs, including the Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PEV), at the SAP Energy Efficiency Showcase held Dec. 9 at the SAP Labs U.S., Palo Alto campus.

"As a leader in Silicon Valley, we feel it's important to live the principles of sustainability, which are also core to our corporate strategy - both in serving our employee base and helping our customers," said Rami Branitzky, managing director of SAP Labs North America. "The introduction of Coulomb's ChargePoint stations and EVs at the SAP Labs Palo Alto campus is a further demonstration of our innovative culture and commitment to a sustainable workplace. We are proud to take this step forward, recognizing it will help us further lower our carbon emissions, deliver bottom-line savings, and encourage employee adoption of EVs. We also plan to offer to our employees free charging of EVs."

SAP Labs U.S. is working with the City of Palo Alto Utilities to power the charging stations via clean, 100-percent renewable energy.

Other workplace benefits provided to SAP by Coulomb's ChargePoint Network include the following:

  • Control access for employees: SAP can control who may access its charging stations (paid or free) to eliminate energy theft and to enhance safety.
  • Measuring performance of green initiatives: Tracking energy, greenhouse gas and fuel savings is necessary when measuring and demonstrating the success of corporate-sponsored green initiatives. ChargePoint stations provide the ability to track and report the benefits associated with EV charging. This data integrates with SAP sustainability solutions for visibility and reporting.
  • Cost-saving utility programs and incentives: Utility-grade meters and the ability to communicate with other smart grid systems enable demand response, time-of-use pricing, and other smart grid programs provided by SAP's local utility.

The ChargePoint networked EV charging stations are managed by the ChargePoint Network and provide EV drivers the ability to locate and navigate to charging stations from any smart phone and the ability to detect charging station availability from a smart phone or Google Maps. The ChargePoint Network also facilitates EV trip mapping, driver billing, 24/7 driver assistance, and greenhouse gas and energy savings (kWh) measurement.

The charging stations have dual outputs that deliver energy simultaneously: a 7.2 kW output delivering Level II (208/240 VAC @ 30 A) charging via the standard SAE J1772 connector and fixed 18-foot cable, and a 2 kW output delivering Level I (120 VAC @ 16 A) charging via a standard NEMA 5-20 receptacle protected behind a locking door.

The SAP Energy Efficiency Showcase event will bring together a select group of organizations, including Coulomb Technologies, to share experiences and expertise in executing a business case for sustainability.