ARLINGTON, VA - The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released data showing insurance losses for hundreds of passenger vehicles. The vehicles are grouped by body style and size under six types of insurance coverage: collision, property damage liability, comprehensive, personal injury protection, medical payment and bodily injury. Click here for the data.

Results are based on the loss experience of 2007-09 models from their first sales through May 2010. For vehicles that were newly introduced or redesigned during these years, the results shown are based only on the most recent model years for which the vehicle designs were unchanged -- either 2008-09 or 2009 only. Results are grouped according to vehicle body style and then according to size.

All losses are stated in relative terms, with 100 representing the average injury, collision or theft loss for all vehicles. For example, a result of 122 is 22 percent worse than average, and 96 is 4 percent better than average. The vehicles are listed within each group in ascending sequence results.

For convenience, the overall results are color-coded to indicate better and worse than average. The results also are adjusted, or standardized, to reduce possible distortions from other non-vehicle factors -- operator age, calendar year, density, gender, marital status, model year, risk (standard or non-standard) and state, IIHS said. Collision and comprehensive are also adjusted for deductible amount.

These insurance loss results generally are good predictors of the experience of current versions of the same vehicle models. But when automakers substantially redesign their passenger vehicles, the experience of an earlier model with the same name (but not same design) may not predict the experience of the newer design, IIHS noted.