PITTSBURGH - ThoughtDrivers, business-performance specialists for commercial truck fleets, has expanded the reach of its transportation compliance, safety and risk management software solution to help the oil and gas industry improve productivity and profitability. 

From the exploration and production fleets (EPFs) of drillers, oilfield service companies and completions firms, to downstream product marketers, SafetyBox Energy enables the seamless integration of new data with oil and gas fleets'  information systems and business processes, which promotes efficient, easy-to-implement environmental and DOT compliance (including CSA 2010), driver safety, asset management (vehicles) and powerful custom data analysis.  Like all SafetyBox products, SafetyBox Energy is available online, which allows for rapid implementation and continuous access with no hardware investments.

"SafetyBox Energy allows all fleets in the production and distribution channels, from drillers to product marketers, to manage safety and compliance in ways that help them protect their revenues.  This advantage is particularly relevant, given today's heighted regulatory focus on the natural gas and propane sectors," says Sam Liberto, chief executive, ThoughtDrivers.  "SafetyBox Energy has been developed with leading industry experts to ensure that data is smoothly sourced from in-house and third-party systems and processes.  By centralizing and 'democratizing' key data, and by regulating key processes, SafetyBox Energy allows energy fleets to continually apply procedures that meet federal and state regulations while focusing on their core operational priorities."


According to Mr. Liberto, "SafetyBox Energy gives energy fleets, from exploration and production (E&P) players to product marketers, a consistent, predictive and actionable view of driver compliance, accidents and training, along with the means to take and document corrective action.  As a web-based solution, SafetyBox Energy is accessible from anywhere, and can be implemented quickly and non-disruptively."

Key characteristics of SafetyBox Energy include the abilities to:

  • Track drivers' interactions with your company & other back-office systems
  • Manage files and expirations online related to motor vehicle records (MVR), drug & alcohol abuse, and driver qualification (DQ)
  • Manage business processes online related to accidents, injuries, training, inspections, violations and  behavioral issues
  • Report on vehicle assets, based on data entries, feeds and other sources
  • Mine and analyze all SafetyBox Energy data with a powerful, "slice & dice" interface

Significant advantages of SafetyBox Energy are:

  • Standardizes for all stakeholders a single web-based, driver-centric platform
  • Enables management to gain actionable insight into the business
  • Improves staff productivity by facilitating  timely and efficient completion of tasks
  • Proactively identifies fleet-specific risk
  • Documents all matters related to discipline, training management,  litigation support  and safety audits
  • Supports data-driven continuous improvement of all business processes

ThoughtDrivers, the business-performance specialists for commercial trucking fleets, deliver proven solutions which yield positive results and drive competitive advantage.