BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - WABCO Holdings Inc., a major supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, said it will introduce its OnGuardPLUS advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) at this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles event in Hanover, Germany.

The event is set for Sept. 21-30.

Using a single radar sensor and proprietary algorithms, WABCO's new OnGuardPLUS system fully applies brakes in imminent collision situations when reacting to moving vehicles ahead and when reacting to decelerating vehicles ahead that come to a standstill. The system autonomously initiates emergency braking, enables maximum possible deceleration and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop. It also reacts to stationary vehicles, for example, when approaching traffic congestion. OnGuardPLUS systems will be available from 2012 for trucks and buses worldwide.

WABCO's suite of products at IAA 2010 will feature advanced driver assistance technologies integrated with WABCO's newest generation of systems for anti-lock braking, electronic braking, electronic stability control and electronically controlled air suspension, the company said.

"At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010, we will show WABCO's passion for innovation to deliver industry-leading safety solutions that integrate advanced driver assistance technologies with braking, chassis, suspension and other systems," said Jacques Esculier, WABCO chairman and CEO.

Introduced in February 2008, OnGuard is a collision mitigation system (CMS) with active braking for commercial vehicles. Using radar sensor technology and proprietary algorithms, OnGuard monitors the distance to the moving or decelerating vehicle ahead, and detects when a potential collision is developing, alerts the driver and autonomously decelerates the vehicle.

"With OnGuardPLUS, WABCO continues to anticipate and deliver advanced technologies and onboard electronics, particularly as regulations in Europe and North America continue to mandate increasingly stringent requirements for vehicle safety," said Jean-Christophe Figueroa, WABCO vice president of vehicle dynamics and control. "This new system builds on our innovative OnGuard technology that has proven its effectiveness as customers, so far, have driven collectively more than 250 million miles (over 400 million kilometers) protected by OnGuard safety systems."

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