WASHINGTON - Starcraft is recalling more than 1,000 MY 2007-2009 Allstar shuttle buses that are fitted with certain Ricon S Series and K Series L-Model wheelchair lifts, according to the NHTSA. 

There is a problem in the software that controls the lift's "up" function. If the "up" button is released before the floor level limit switch is activated, the lift may continue its upward travel and may overrun the floor level cut-off point. When the platform overruns the vehicle floor level and stops at an angle from 15 to 20 degrees, there is a safety risk. It's possible for a person in a wheelchair to tip over and for someone standing on the platform to fall. 

Starcraft will notify shuttle bus owners of the recall, and the repairs will be performed by authorized Ricon dealers free of charge. A software solution for this problem is under development. Until that solution is available, though, Ricon will provide owners with a bulletin outlining proper wheelchair lift operation and will ship owners a DVD-based training aid at no cost. 

The safety recall begins next month. Owners can reach Ricon at (818) 267-3000 or Starcraft at (800) 348-7440.