LINCOLN, NE - The Nebraska Ethanol Board announced a new joint effort with biofuels advocacy group Growth Energy as part of the "Fuel on the Fourth" program. 

The campaign seeks to raise consumer awareness of ethanol blends such as E85, and encourage flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) owners to buy higher ethanol blends. The Nebraska Ethanol Board will highlight the availability of ethanol blends, including several new sites opening this summer that will offer ethanol blender pumps. These pumps allow consumers to decide how much ethanol -- from E10 to E85 -- they want to put in their FFV. 

"Ethanol is the clean, renewable alternative to gasoline, so it's important that drivers know their options," said Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board. 

The Clean Fuels Development Coalition launched the national FFV Awareness program in May as a cooperative effort that includes a diverse group of biofuel advocacy organizations.

With nearly 86,000 registered FFVs in Nebraska, FFV drivers could reduce Nebraska's gasoline usage by over 26 million gallons per year by switching to E85. 

More than 50 locations in Nebraska offer E85 or other ethanol blends. A list is available on the Nebraska Ethanol Board Web site. Drivers can also find directions to each station at the Google Map maintained by the Nebraska Ethanol Board. Bosselman Energy will be installing new blender pumps at sites across Nebraska this summer. 

The "Fuel on the Fourth" program will promote ethanol fuels in cooperation with Growth Energy and Bosselman, online at the Nebraska Ethanol Board's Web site, and through E85 site postings at all Nebraska fuel advisory sites. The program will also collaborate with the Nebraska Department of Roads to install signs directing drivers to E85 sites. Promotional efforts also include direct mail to FFV owners in E85 service areas and the distribution of E85 location lists at rest areas along I-80. 

Growth Energy is also offering $185 of E85 to FFV drivers. Drivers can enter by submitting a photo of themselves and their FFV at the Growth Force Web site.