LOUISVILLE, KY - TelaPoint, Inc., a leading Internet supply chain software provider for the Convenience Store and Petroleum industry, today announced its leading-edge software platform was a major component in partner Pacific Tank Lines' recent Shell Oil Company "Carrier of the Year" win for 2009.

Pacific Tank Lines, Inc. is a premier full-service petroleum carrier based in Riverside, California. Dedicated to the highest levels of safety and customer service, Pacific Tank Lines' drivers are an elite group of professionals who deliver petroleum products for the majority of the major oil companies in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Pacific Tank Lines has been using TelaPoint's SmartReplenishTM product since May 2007. When Shell Oil Company came to Pacific Tank Lines to help manage the inventory of many of its sites, Curtis Christy, Pacific Tank Lines' Business Development Manager, said his company reviewed many options but ultimately knew TelaPoint was the smartest pick for the job at hand.

Upon winning the oil company's "Carrier of the Year" award for 2009, Curtis is still quick to note the importance of TelaPoint's products and services to the company's win.  A web-based, business-to-business application designed specifically for companies throughout the fuel supply chain and petroleum distribution market, TelaPoint helped Pacific Tank Lines to lower its communication errors with transportation partners to almost none, and also lower inventory and replenishment costs.

"When Shell Oil Company asked us to manage the inventory of their sites, we knew right away TelaPoint was the best option," said Curtis. "We already knew the system, loved the features, and had been very successful in managing other customers' sites with it. TelaPoint gave us the tools necessary to limit run-outs and retains, and shift high levels on the secondary products to a very low number for the entire year."

The "Carrier of the Year" award is given to the carrier that shows exceptional performance in their operating facilities. In addition to this, Pacific Tank Lines also won Shell Oil Company's "Incident Free Award" by going the entire year without having one "incident," which includes cross drops, accidents, spills, injuries, and high-level alarms. TelaPoint helped on that side as well by allowing Pacific Tank Lines' dispatchers to better manage its drivers both before and after the drop-off.

Steven Rubin, General Manager of TelaPoint, said, "Being recognized by our customers for providing them with tools that lead to exceptional service and performance is extremely gratifying for TelaPoint and Wright Express.  Pacific Tank Lines' 'Carrier of the Year' and 'Incident Free' awards truly exemplify their - and our - commitment to the safe and efficient delivery of fuel, which plays such a crucial role in our country's energy distribution network."

About TelaPoint

TelaPoint, Inc. is the first Internet platform software company to provide business-to-business applications focused exclusively on the Convenience Store and Petroleum industry. The TelaPoint application suite enables convenience stores and fuel outlets to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their fuel replenishment, buying and administrative operations. TelaPoint is a subsidiary of Wright Express Corporation (NYSE: WXS) and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.