CROSSVILLE, TN - Semi-Aware by Toby W. Bogard aims to provide crucial information on how the normal, everyday driver of a noncommercial vehicle can drive safely around commercial vehicles.

As a long haul trucker, Bogard has spent years watching and noting more effective and safer ways for motorists and commercial drivers to interact on the roads to reduce accidents and improve overall safety.

In Semi-Aware, Bogard's goal is to help lower the number of accidents that occur every day on the roads and highways.

Bogard intends to help make everyone that drives a noncommercial vehicle more aware of the laws, limitations and actions that affect commercial vehicle drivers on a daily basis.

"In effect, I wrote the book to make everyday drivers semi-aware," he says. "People want their products delivered safely, and I want to get them there safely. If we all work together, everyone wins."

Semi-Aware is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author

Toby W. Bogard is a graduate of CDI truck driving school. He currently drives for the 6th largest trucking company in the United States and has logged over 950,000 miles throughout his career. He is the author of On the Big Road and has two more book projects in the works, a nonfiction novel entitled Driving for

God: a Christ Driven Reality Check and a fiction novel entitled Fifth Wheel. Bogard also hopes to release a CD/DVD diet and exercise program for truck drivers. A father of three, Bogard resides in eastern Tennessee.