BOSTON - A teleconference scheduled Monday, May 3, and open to all fleet managers will explore current and future practical strategies to "green" vehicle fleets. Presented by the Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF) Innovation Exchange, the "EDFix Call" conference offers "a chance to discuss challenges and opportunities to utilize green vehicles and practices," said Jason Mathers, EDF project manager, corporate partnerships.

The call-in conference is scheduled at noon (EST) on May 3. Fleet managers can participate by calling 1 (213) 289-0500 and entering the code: 267-6815.

Titled "Light-Duty Fleets: The Next 10 Years," the conference will address specifically:

  • What opportunities remain for fleets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?
  • What are fleets doing today and what strategies are up-and-coming?
  • What barriers to do we need to tear down to reduce GHG emissions?

Jim Motavalli, a regular contributor to the New York Times Wheels blog, BNet, and the Mother Nature Network, will lead the discussion.

Noting such "significant strides" in reducing fleet GHG emissions as right-sizing, switching to four-cylinder engines, and adopting fuel-smart driving behaviors, teleconference organizers contend, "Still, there are a lot of emissions left to cut."

The May 3 EDFix Call is one of a series presented by the Innovation Exchange. The calls focus on exploring ways to further environmental solutions. Upcoming calls in this series include:

  • A look into the opportunities and challenges specific to vocational trucks.
  • A deep dive into electrifying commercial fleets.
  • A deep dive into low-carbon fuels and commercial fleets.

The EDFix Call schedule and other EDF conferences and events can be found at the Innovation Exchange Calendar.

EDF's Innovation Exchange provides access to "valuable content, practical yet impactful tools, and a dynamic online community to help you improve both your company and the planet," according to the organization's online materials.