TROOPER, PA - Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS), a leading provider of driver safety training services, has launched a new Safety Ride-Along Program designed to train business drivers in territory, reducing an organization's risk while eliminating travel costs.  

The full-day Safety Ride-Along program provides comprehensive training in the driver's own territory, keeping the employee productive and saving the organization money by avoiding travel expenses. This one-on-one program is an ideal option for organizations that need safety training for a small number of drivers or for employees located in remote areas, ADTS said. 

"The Safety Ride-Along Program offers fleet and safety managers the flexibility to schedule training at the convenience of individual drivers and to conduct the training during the course of a typical work day, avoiding downtime, improving productivity and reducing the risk of a crash," said Phil Moser, national sales manager for ADTS.   

An ADTS driver safety instructor travels to the employee's territory and spends a full day observing how the driver operates the vehicle during the course of normal business. Throughout the day, the instructor provides comprehensive safety instruction in response to the employee's specific driving practices. At the end of the day, the employee receives a checklist that documents his or her good driving techniques and highlights areas needing improvement. 

To reinforce the trainer's instruction and improve retention, the employee is assigned an appropriate follow-up ADTS driver safety online course to complete after the Safety Ride-Along Program.    

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