GEORGETOWN, TX - CleanFUEL USA, a supplier of alternative fuel infrastructure and propane engine systems, announced EPA certification of the industry's first liquid propane engine built on a General Motors (GM) 6.0L chassis. Designed for OEMs to produce new light-duty vehicles that operate on propane, CleanFUEL's liquid propane injection (LPI) system provides a high-performance, fuel-efficient alternative to gasoline and diesel engines to help fleets significantly reduce carbon emissions. Propane is a domestically abundant, cost-competitive and cleaner-burning fuel and is ideal for fleet transportation markets.

Sales of alternative fuel vehicles, including plug-in hybrid electric, mild hybrid 1, natural gas and propane (also known as Autogas and liquefied petroleum gas/LPG), and fuel cell powered vehicles are expected to increase to 49 percent by 2035, up 36 percent from 2008 based on the Annual Energy Outlook 2010 report released by the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA). About 13 million cars and trucks worldwide are powered by propane today, and it is gaining popularity as a transportation fuel because of its cost - roughly 40-50 percent less than gasoline/diesel per gallon - and its environmental benefits.

CleanFUEL's advanced propane engine utilizes the patented Icom JTG Technology and System manufactured by Icom North America and offers the same horsepower, torque and performance as gasoline-powered engines. Yet it produces 87 percent less hydrocarbons and 50 percent fewer toxins than gasoline. CleanFUEL's system performed 25 percent better than comparable gasoline and diesel engines tested against current EPA standards, also reporting zero in particulate matter emissions rate.  With the EPA setting stricter fuel efficiency standards, new engine technologies, such as CleanFUEL's LPI system offers vehicle manufacturers a viable and cleaner-burning alternative for light-duty fleet vehicles, including passenger vans, shuttle buses, walk-in vans and utility and service vehicles.

"As the leader in the Type-A (small) school bus industry, it's essential to deliver innovative products that meet our customers' demand for clean fuel alternative vehicles," said Kent Tyler, president of Collins Bus Corporation. "We are excited to partner with leaders in the propane industry, such as CleanFUEL USA and PERC (Propane Education & Research Council) to expand fleet options for school districts evaluating greener modes of transportation to take advantage of federal tax incentives."

Collins will display its propane school bus test vehicle, featuring CleanFUEL's new EPA certified 6.0L LPI system, April 9-12, 2010 at the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo.  The engine is undergoing CARB testing and CleanFUEL expects the engine to be fully certified and commercially available by summer of 2010. 

About CleanFUEL USA

Founded in 1993, CleanFUEL USA offers certified and approved alternative fuel dispensing equipment for propane and E-85 and is also a leader in the advancement of liquid propane injection systems for light- to medium-duty fleet vehicles using Icom's patented JTG technology and system. The company distributes OEM and aftermarket engine fuel systems, fleet management network services, and associated technical support, training and fuel contract services. CleanFUEL USA is a registered trademark of CleanFUEL Holdings, Inc.  Headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, CleanFUEL has sales, engineering, and operations facilities in Michigan, California, Kansas, and Florida, as well as international offices in New Delhi, India and Buenos Aires, Argentina.