SANTA ANA, CA --- Waste Management announced the deployment of 12 new compressed natural gas (CNG) trash-collection trucks in the California cities of Santa Ana and Irvine. 

The trucks were purchased with a grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) in an effort to improve air quality in the Southern California region.

Together, the 12 trucks will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 218 metric tons each year as compared to their diesel counterparts. The trucks emit zero diesel particulate emissions. The equipment upgrade will reduce smog-causing nitrogen oxide emissions by 3.6 tons a year. The collection trucks are quieter and will also reduce noise pollution, Waste Management said. 

"We are happy to work with Waste Management on their continued effort toward cleaner air in the communities they serve," said MSRC Vice-Chair Greg Winterbottom, who represents Orange County Transportation Authority on the MSRC. "Their leadership in clean truck technology is gratifying to us at MSRC and we enjoy our partnership with them." 

MSRC granted Waste Management a $32,000 award per truck to purchase seven trucks in Irvine and five trucks in Santa Ana, for a total award of $384,000. The MSRC's sole mission is to fund projects that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles within the South Coast Air District in Southern California. 

"We are committed to helping our region improve air quality and with our new trucks, we are investing in cleaner air," said David Ross, senior district manager of Waste Management of Orange County.   

Waste Management of Orange County serves more than 200,000 residential customers and approximately 15,000 commercial customers in nine cities and several unincorporated regions of the county.