HOUSTON - Tulsa-based Arrow Trucking employees were abruptly laid off Dec. 21 without any notification, leaving hundreds of drivers stranded at truck stops across the country with non-working fuel cards, reported ABC13.com.

The sudden layoffs were unexpected, with employees reportedly unaware until their gas cards no longer worked or someone showed up to tow away their trucks, ABC13 reported.

The shutdown of the Tulsa-based operations Dec. 21 resulted in the layoff of all employees, including the fleet manager, James Cooey, reported ABC13.

The only Arrow trucks now on the move are the ones driven away by repo companies.

Daimler Truck Financial, which provides equipment financing for the majority of Arrow's fleet, recently announced it is working with Arrow's drivers to ensure they get home safely and are not stranded. The financial services provider is reaching out to drivers to provide a choice of a Greyhound Bus ticket or $200 for personal transportation for drivers.

Arrow drivers should call the following toll-free hotline for instructions: (877) 294-9679.

Prior to the shutdown, Arrow Trucking operated a fleet of 1,400 tractors and more than 3,000 trailers throughout the United States and in Canada and Mexico. The company was in business since 1948, according to ABC13.