WHITE PLAINS, NY - Element Hotels announced Nov. 30 its goal to install Coulomb Technologies' electric car-charging stations at all six of its current properties by the end of 2009.

A worldwide first for a hospitality brand, the program comes after piloting a charging station at Starwood-owned Element Lexington proved successful with guests and locals alike. Element Hotels is Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.'s new eco-chic brand.

In partnership with Carbon Day Automotive, the ChargePoint Networked Charging Station will be available at Element hotels currently open, and will be available for installation at properties that the brand plans to open over the next several years.

The slim ChargePoint devices are equipped with a universal plug-in for various electric vehicles, from cars and buses to electric bikes. Plug-in hybrid cars, expected to roll out over the next few years, are also compatible. To use the stations, guests will simply swipe a key fob, plug in, and charge up. Guests who pull up in electric or hybrid cars will also get VIP green carpet treatment with "Hybrid Preferred" parking spots closest to Element hotels' front doors.

Using Google Maps, travelers will even be able locate the charging station and determine whether it is in use or unoccupied. Furthering Element's commitment to cleaner, greener travel, non-guests will also have access to the charging stations.