MT. LAUREL, NJ - Automotive Resources International (ARI), a global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, announced the appointment of Jim Creighton as chairman of the Global Fleet Services (GFS) alliance of leading global fleet leasing and fleet management companies.

Creighton, ARI vice president of global strategic services, is responsible for ARI's global sales and its strategic consulting team, which provides ARI's domestic and global fleets with in-depth analyses and cost savings recommendations. He has been employed by ARI since 1983.  He is successor to this role from Carl Ortell, ARI executive vice president & chief operating officer.

In addition, ARI's Rob Hill, manager of global sales and consultation, has acquired a seat among the GFS Board of Directors.  Hill observes operations at ARI's Mexican partnership, ARIZA, maintains and evolves ARI's global partnerships and oversees ARI's European consulting operations.  He has been with ARI since 1996.

Both Creighton and Hill have been sought out as global fleet experts and have participated as speakers at fleet-related seminars and events around the world.

Creighton commented, "I am thrilled at the opportunity to be part of the leadership of this world-class alliance of fleet management companies.  Rob and I look forward to representing ARI among our esteemed constituents and further developing the global fleet industry for our clients."