IRVINE, CA --- Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. said its affiliate company Fisker Automotive made its Karma PHEV's driving debut over the weekend, just 19 months after being introduced as a concept.

The 403 hp Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) reached a speed of 100 mph, but used no gasoline, as it made its way around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races. 

The Fisker Karma can reach 60 mph in six seconds and has a top speed of 125 mph, while also achieving well over 100 mpg. Carbon emissions are also lower than today's hybrids, Quantum said. 

The Karma PHEV's Q-Drive powertrain was designed and engineered by Quantum at its Advanced Vehicle Concepts Center in Lake Forest, Calif. Q-Drive delivers a peak torque of 959 foot-pounds, and incorporates a number of innovations in energy storage, electric drive architecture and control strategies. 

The Karma has a range of 50 emission-free miles on a full charge of its lithium-ion battery, and a total range of 300 miles thanks to an on-board generator coupled to a 260hp, four-cylinder gasoline engine. 

"Our team has more than a decade of experience in developing innovative technologies designed for high-volume production," said Alan P. Niedzwiecki, president and CEO of Quantum. "We are pleased at the progress of development and validation of the Q-Drive architecture, which delivers the ultimate combination of performance, range and efficiency."