In addition to regular maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc.), AAA recommends these safety maintenance tips for vehicles. 

  • Clean and adjust your headlights. During car inspections, ask the technician to correct the aim of your headlights or take the vehicle to a dealer or other properly equipped repair shop at least once a year for a headlight checkup. Properly aligned headlights will help you see the road better, and will help other drivers avoid glare. 
  • Keep all glass/windows clear on the outside and the inside. You can improve visibility by cleaning windows and the windshield at least once a month to remove haze.
  • Have chips or cracks in the windshield repaired as soon as possible. A trained glass repair technician can often fill in a damaged area and prevent the crack or chip from growing and requiring a windshield replacement.
  • Clean wiper blades with a paper towel dipped in windshield washer fluid. This removes grime and oxidized rubber from the edge of the blade and helps prevent streaking. If streaks persist, you need new blades.