GEORGETOWN, TX --- CleanFUEL North America Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with IMPCO Technologies Inc. 

IMPCO Technologies is a subsidiary of Fuel Systems Solutions Inc., a leading engine component manufacturer that converts vehicles to operate on clean gaseous fuels, such as propane. 

Under the agreement, CleanFUEL will distribute IMPCO's bi-fuel Sequent system, a dual propane and gasoline fuel system certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for conversions of light-duty General Motors and Ford vehicles to run on propane. CleanFUEL USA will install IMPCO systems and provide vehicle service and support through its partners. 

CleanFUEL USA also offers EPA-certified propane/gasoline conversion kits for existing vehicles, propane refueling infrastructure equipment, fleet management solutions and advanced liquid propane injection engines for OEM vehicles that meet 2010 emissions standards. 

"The U.S. propane industry has historically been viewed to have infrastructure and accessibility challenges," said Bob Myers, who serves on the Propane Education Research Council's (PERC) Research & Development Committee. "Partnerships like this make it feasible to address the industry's distribution, installation and service/support gap for propane engines, broadening the potential for propane to become a widely utilized domestic fleet fuel." 

Propane is a clean-burning fuel that can yield 87 percent less hydrocarbons and 50 percent fewer toxins than gasoline, and is more economical compared to petroleum-based options -- roughly $1.50 to $2.00 less than gasoline/diesel per gallon. 

"Propane is a viable fleet fuel that when fully utilized with today's advanced technologies creates significant value for fleets," said Curtis Donaldson, president and CEO of CleanFUEL USA. "With the price of gasoline and diesel creeping back up, we are making strategic moves to be ready when the demand for alternative fuels spikes. We are excited to be working with IMPCO Technologies, in addition to our fuel network partners such as ConocoPhillips, and are prepared to support the industry as it moves into a growth phase." 

Fuel Systems Solutions has over 5 million bi-fuel systems installed globally, with its highest concentration of vehicles in European and Latin American countries. 

The design features a vapor sequential fuel injection system and analytic software designed to operate with a vehicle's original onboard diagnostics (OBD) computer. IMPCO's bi-fuel system is a certified engine conversion for the following vehicles: the 2007 5.4L Ford F150; the 2008 and 2009 3.5L and 3.9L Chevrolet Impala; 4.8-liter Chevrolet G Van and GMC Savana; the 6.0-liter Chevrolet Silverado, Express, and G Van; 6.0-liter GMC Sierra and Savana; the 2009 5.3L Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe; and 5.3L GMC Yukon and Sierra.