HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania State Police Department inspected 2,281 commercial vehicles and placed 144 vehicles and 78 drivers out of service May 13 during Operation SAFE (Seatbelt and Fatigue Enforcement) Driver.

"During the SAFE Driver operation, our officers focused their enforcement efforts on examinations of seat belt use, use of drugs or alcohol, commercial driver's licenses, medical examiner's certificates, drivers' records of duty status, drivers' hours of service, and drivers' vehicle inspection reports," Commissioner Frank Pawlowski said.

Pawlowski said troopers issued 867 citations during Operation SAFE Driver, including 97 citations for drivers not wearing seat belts. Officers also issued 43 seat belt violation warnings.

"National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that only 65 percent of commercial vehicle drivers buckle up when they climb behind the wheel, compared to 82 percent of the general driving population," Pawlowski said. "During Operation SAFE Driver, our officers found that 93 percent of commercial drivers were wearing seat belts. We were pleased to find this level of compliance."

In the April 7th one-day statewide inspection, 243 commercial trucks were placed out of service and 791 traffic citations were issued.