TORONTO --- AlertDriving, which provides Web-based fleet risk management solutions, has released its "Commercial Truck Hazard Perception Evaluation" program. 

Created for commercial truck drivers, the risk assessment tool is designed to identify a commercial fleet's high-risk drivers, based on their performance in six core safe driving categories. 

The Web-based program consists of two components. The first is a series of traffic scenarios where the driver is presented with a view of the road from behind the wheel, including both side-view and wide-angle mirrors of a commercial truck, using real-life video footage. The second component consists of a series of hazard-based multiple choice questions. Based on the results of the evaluation, the system then assigns specific, targeted online training modules to address each individual driver's deficiencies and mitigate the risk. 

"Based on the overwhelming success of the passenger vehicle program, our clients insisted we develop a CDL-specific version," said Tom Hatch, global safety standards officer. "The challenge then became combining our truck safety expertise with cutting-edge technology that synchronizes an unprecedented five different camera angles to capture the realities and complexities associated with driving a truck." 

AlertDriving said the program can be delivered at a fraction of the time and cost compared to alternatives such as simulator-based training, behind-the-wheel instruction, or classroom training. 

"The program's ability to assign targeted training modules specific to each driver's individual deficiencies is an excellent way to pinpoint a company's training dollars. Clients can expect up to a 50-percent reduction in collisions, fewer personal injury claims, significant cost savings and lower liability exposure," said Rob Martin, vice president of sales.