ATLANTA – Charles Bowen, former director of fleet for Rollins, Inc., has used his experience in corporate fleet management to start an independent transportation consulting firm in Atlanta called TransCon Global (TCG), taking on the role of executive director, senior consultant. The company provides a comprehensive analysis of "all things fleet" for commercial, private, and government vehicle fleets, according to Bowen.

All aspects of fleet operations are assessed, from procurement to disposal, and then unbiased recommendations and solutions designed to deliver exceptional ROI and proven cost-saving results are offered. "We accomplish this by building trusting relationships and partnering in the development of confidential, individually tailored, best-in-class fleet programs for all our clients. TCG's team possesses over 50 years of combined transportation industry experience including OEM, supply-side, and end-user expertise," said Bowen. 

Bowen said feedback from initial contacts has been "resoundingly unanimous. Organizations want to know their fleets are operating as cost effectively as possible, and want affordable independent confirmation of that fact outside of the traditional consulting resources. TransCon Global is that independent solution."      

Bowen, who left Rollins in November 2008 after the company restructured its organization, said he is excited about the potential of the new business. "It's good to be back."

For additional information, Bowen can be reached at and on LinkedIn at