GPS Insight, a leading supplier of GPS tracking hardware and software solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, announces its capability to integrate with supported Garmin nüvi devices. With GPS Insight's GPSI-4000, customers may now send destinations to several supported Garmin navigation devices, which then give drivers automatic, visual and audible turn-by-turn directions to their destination. Customers may also use this solution to send and receive messages, obtain driver login and status information, and wirelessly send a list of custom Points of Interest.  

The new GPS Insight Navigation solution integrates tracking, navigation, and traditional MDT-like functionality. The GPSI-4000 and Garmin combination will increase overall driver and dispatch efficiency. Using simple choices on the Web based GPS Insight dashboard, customers will now be able to wirelessly send one or more stops to a driver's Garmin. Clicking on a vehicle, landmark, or address will allow a user to dispatch a vehicle to several destinations each day. Dispatchers will see a list of vehicles that have been dispatched and their arrival status at a particular location. Messages, as well as automated speeding, idling, and odd-hours alerts may also be sent to a driver's Garmin, which may help companies eliminate the need for cell phones. GPS Insight will begin sales and support for this product beginning in mid-May 2009, and will continue to add functionality throughout 2009. GPS Insight's Garmin Navigation Integration will first be demonstrated at NAFA's I&E Expo in New Orleans on April 26 and 27, 2009. 

GPS Insight President Robert Donat said, "Using Garmin's Fleet Management Interface, GPS Insight was able to create a robust, user-friendly interface which allows our customers to combine GPS tracking and navigation. Dispatch users may easily determine the most appropriate driver for a job, and dispatch them instantly. Garmin's wide range of nüvi navigation devices allows for our customers to easily add navigation and communication to their GPSI-4000 devices. This combination significantly enhances the efficiency of sending stops and messages to drivers, and helps drivers find the fastest route to the customer. We are very excited to bring this money-saving capability to our customers."