Few things are more disconcerting than driving along and suddenly finding your car engulfed in a foggy soup with near-zero visibility. Here are some driving tips, provided by the California DMV, for driving in the fog. You may want to pass them along to your fleet drivers. 

  • If possible, postpone your trip (if you're lucky enough to know about the fog beforehand).
  • If you're not so lucky and must drive, then drive slowly and use your low-beam headlights. The light from high beams will reflect back and cause glare. Never drive with just your parking or fog lights.
  • Increase your following distance and be prepared to stop within the space you can see ahead.
  • Avoid crossing or passing lanes of traffic unless absolutely necessary.
  • Listen for traffic you cannot see.
  • Use your wipers and defroster as necessary for best vision. If the fog becomes so thick that you can barely see, pull completely off the road. Do not continue driving until you can see better. Turn off your lights or someone may see your taillights and drive into you.