ALPHARETTA, GA – LeasePlan USA, a vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions provider, has restructured its Surplus Vehicle Management (SVM) program to meet the evolving needs of companies with fleet vehicles.

SVM is a cost-effective program designed to strategically manage a company's pool of surplus vehicles. With SVM, LeasePlan takes a consultative approach to supplying new and existing clients with a method to better manage their unutilized and underutilized vehicles. The SVM services range from transportation, storage and company product recovery to inspection and maintenance, as well as administration.

"Surplus Vehicle Management offers each client an opportunity to accomplish a level of cost control through routine cost analysis reporting that leads to optimal fleet allocation. The SVM program furthers our mission to deliver service excellence and assist the client in effectively managing fleet risks," said Brian Barber, national vice president, client services.

The SVM program utilizes LeasePlan's expertise, proven processes and time-saving tools to handle all the details by regularly reviewing the pool of surplus units and ensuring optimal allocation of the vehicles. This program lowers the threat of theft, damage and unauthorized usage of the clients' unassigned vehicles; and ensures that all surplus vehicles are ready when necessary for reallocation.