RESTON, VA – Pest control technicians in Northern and Central New Jersey have been equipped with a new tool for serving their customers: Wireless Matrix's FleetOutlook vehicle management solution.  

Wireless Matrix has contracted with Viking Termite and Pest Control, a New Jersey-based pest control service, to equip its drivers with FleetOutlook Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and vehicle management services. The solution includes the Reporter 100, a full-featured GPS device that provides accurate, real-time vehicle location and status data in one of the smallest form factors in the industry, according to the company.

The ability to accomplish more service calls, as well as the capability to monitor idle time, vehicle speed, and out-of-route travel, positioned FleetOutlook as the solution to best meet the pest control company's needs. Executives at Viking rated FleetOutlook's simplicity and Web-based nature as key criteria for selecting the product.  

"Using a fleet management solution, we are able to utilize and capitalize our fleet better over time and offer more value to our customers," said Viking Vice President Daniel Bradbury. "Our call center can disburse the closest driver to a customer's location for faster service times."  

Viking is already seeing quantifiable results with its deployment. Productivity gains have improved as much as one and a half hours per technician. This translates to more service calls, less overtime, and happier customers.  

The initial installation of FleetOutlook is part of the company's intent to outfit its entire fleet of 115 services vehicles with the solution through a phased deployment. Next, Viking plans to roll out FleetOutlook's maintenance module to track scheduled oil changes, break replacements, and tire rotations.  

"The pest control segment is an untapped demographic of service fleets that can especially benefit from deploying FleetOutlook," said J. Richard Carlson, president and CEO of Wireless Matrix. "The success of these fleets is driven by their ability to provide superior, deadline-sensitive response, whether for critical situations or preventative maintenance activities. FleetOutlook lays the foundation for pest control professionals to boost productivity while decreasing their per-vehicle operating costs."