GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – The third generation of the car building tool "Build your Volvo" is now complete and ready to be introduced. The visualisation of the cars is greatly improved as is the integration of the tool, from all aspects, with Volvo Cars product information system, to enable a comparison of technical data, pricing and different options available. "The customer can create his/her own inquiry/offer and present it to the dealer", says Sofia Heddson Fransén, Interactive Marketing at Volvo Car Corporation.

"We are very satisfied with the tool now," commented Sofia Heddson Fransén who is in charge of the development of tools and applications on Volvo Cars' website for customers - "The car configurator offers "stepless" navigation, is quicker and more user-friendly and creates several video films and images, internally as well as externally. They are also of a much higher standard."

Currently 64 percent of those who build their own Volvo complete the configuration. Previously, the figure was approximately 50 percent .When the car is complete, it can be downloaded and saved or emailed to the dealer or to anyone you wish to show the car to.

The basic data retrieved for the tool is connected directly to Volvo Cars' own production and development system, which means the risk of errors is minimized.

In the first stage, the car building tool will be launched in 18 of the approx. 60 markets available on the website